All applicants must submit required documents prior to enrollment, as well as meet required financial obligations.

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Admissions Requirements

All applicants must submit required documents prior to enrollment, as well as meet required financial obligations. There are no educational requirements that must be met in order to enroll at CAEI, except that each student must possess a high school diploma or be at least 18 years of age. However, students under 18 with a guardian and/or a  medical referral can be accepted.

Admissions Procedures

Once  it  has  been  determined  that  a  student  will  enroll  in  one  of  our  programs:

  • An  enrollment   agreement   must   be   filled   out   and   all   necessary   documents   must   be submitted  and  reviewed  by  an  administrator.
  • All  the   policies   and   procedures   of   CAEI   will   be   explained   to   the   student.   Any questions/inquiries  regarding  enrollment  will  be  addressed  and  answered  at  this  time.
  • The  student will  pay  his/her  tuition and  sign  the  enrollment  agreement.
  • A Placement Test will  be  administered to  the student to determine the program or course level which will best fit his/her needs.

CAEI  does not provide for  Ability‐To‐Benefit students.

CAEI  does  not  award  credit  for  prior  experiential  learning.

Given  the  unique  nature  of  the  programs  offered  in  CAEI,  no  credit will  be  accepted  from  those earned  from  other  institutions  in  consideration  of  the  required  clock  hours.

International Students

English  Language  Services

Cal  America  Education  Institute (CAEI)  is  primarily  an  English  language  educational  institution.  It  mainly offers  English  language  programs  and  courses  the  nature  and  costs  of  which  are  described  in the particular  sections  of  this  school  catalog.

Visa  Services

CAEI  offers  visa  assistance  to  prospective  international  students  by  issuing  the  necessary  supporting documents  to  support  their  applications  for a U.S.  international  student  visa.  The  visa  assistance offered  by  the  school  is  free  of  charge.

English Proficiency Requirement

There  are  no  English  proficiency  requirements  in  order  to  be  admitted  to  the  programs  and  courses at  CAEI.  All  enrolled  students  are  required  to  take  the  English Placement Test to evaluate and determine the  appropriate program  or  level  for  the  student.

Language  of  Instruction  Other  than  English

All  instruction in  the  programs  and  courses  offered  at Cal  America  Education  Institute  will  be conducted in  the  English  language.  There  are  no  other  languages  used  in  the  medium  of  instruction.

Termination of  F1 Status

The  student’s  status may  be  terminated  by  the  Designated  Signing  Officer   (DSO)  of  CAEI  for  the following  reasons:

  1. Failure  to  maintain  satisfactory  academic  progress.
  2. Failure  to  maintain  the  student  code  of  conduct  after  a warning  period.
  3. Failure  to  maintain  the  minimum  attendance  requirements.
  4. Failure  to  settle  financial  obligations  to  the  school.

 For F-1 Students. To maintain legal status in the United States, F-1 students must attend CAEI full-time and conform to the attendance policy. If an F-1 student fails to maintain minimum attendance requirements, the student shall be terminated and reported to the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS).


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