CAEI is committed to serving the students by providing adequate student services and a learning environment by meeting the students’ needs in academic endeavors.

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Student  Orientation

Student orientations are given  on  the  first day  of  each  term  to  inform  students  of  school policies, Transportation / housing  service  information,  and  other  pertinent  information.

School Activities

Cal America Education Institute offers many activities during the course of the program. Activities are announced on  the monthly calendar. Activities  can  be  cancelled  at  any  time  by  CAEI.

Student  Advising

The Student Service Staff is present during school hours to assist students with any issues/questions they may have.

Educational  Assistance

Although  Cal  America  Education  Institute  does  not  offer  job  placement  assistance  to  its  students, educational  assistance  is  readily  available.  If  any  student  wishes  to  pursue  a  degree  in  higher education, either  after  completing  their  courses  or  during  their  enrollment,  CAEI  will  assist  the  student  by providing  useful  materials  to  them,  such  as  university  brochures,  catalogs,  and  registration  materials. In addition, we  will  arrange  appointments  for  the  student  to  meet  with  the  appropriate  counselor  to discuss admission  and  transfer  requirements.

Airport Pick-up

CAEI provides airport pick-up service. A CAEI representative will meet you at the airport and transport you to the school or other location for a nominal fee.

Transportation Service

Discounted bus and subway passes are available through CAEI.

Housing Assistance

Comfortable and safe housing arrangements are available with early reservations. Homestay or dormitory could be arranged upon request. Costs vary according to size and quality.