Tuition and Fees

All applicants and enrolled students are required to pay tuition and fees.

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Tuition is required to be paid upon enrollment.

Note: New students are required to report to school within 7 days of arrival to the United States or upon successful transfer to Cal America Education Institute. New overseas students must study at least 1 quarter (approximately 12 weeks) in order to complete a level.


    Fees are required to be paid upon initial application

    F1 applicants must complete all application fees in order to receive admissions and a Form I-20.

    • Application Fee (required, non-refundable): $100
    • SEVIS I-901 Form + Processing Fee (if applicable, non-refundable): $150
    • F-2 Dependent I-20 Processing Fee (if applicable, non-refunable): $50 per dependent
    • Conditional College Acceptance Letter (optional, non-refundable): $150
    • Express Mailing Fee (if applicable, non-refundable): $100, additional cost may incur depending on country
    • Reissued I-20 Fee: $150 
    • LAX Pick-Up One Way: $125
    • Housing Placement Service (if applicable, non-refundable) $250